The Ally Arm

The Ally Arm is a smart robotic arm with a modular base and a configurable reach, allowing it to be sized according to the application. With innovative quick-change components, you can swap out parts in seconds, saving you valuable operation time. The Ally Arm boasts the latest Nvidia architecture, and it runs ROS2 on any device and can host custom apps, allowing people of any technical capability (including none) to control and program behaviors. From industrial applications to food service to being mounted to an AMR for moveable applications, the Ally Arm can help you automate.


- Smart robotic arm natively supporting perception, AI, training and telemetry systems to run on device, boasting the latest Nvidia architecture
- Runs ROS2 on device or able to host custom apps
- Visual, audio and programmatic interfaces for control
- Non-technical people are able to control and program behaviors on the arm in less than a minute
- Collaborative Robotics Teaching
- Multiple Robots Shadowing in Real Time
- AI-Assisted Learning

- Quick change components to improve serviceability and customization (seconds to replace the internal compute module, actuators and skins)
- Runs on 48VDC to natively support integration into AMRs (autonomous mobile robots)
- Custom-designed actuators, motor driver and PDB
- Designed and built in the USA


Robotics System Integrator
Model Arm1
DOF (configurable) 6-8
Payload (configurable) Up to 20 kg
TCP Speed (configurable) Up to 4.2 m/sec
Reach (configurable) 500 mm - 1500 mm
Base Footprint 305 mm x 457 mm
Mounting Orientation Any
IP Classification IP54 Arm, IP65 w/ Sleeve, NSF
Compute Options Nvidia Jetson Orin Nano (AI: 40 TOPS, GPU: 1024-core, TPU: 64 Tensor Cores)
Nvidia Jetson Orin NX (AI: 100 TOPS, GPU: 1024-core, TPU: 32 Tensor Cores)
Nvidia Jetson Orin AGX Industrial - (AI: 248 TOPS, GPU: 2048-core, TPU: 32 Tensor Cores)
Teach Pendant Bring Your Own Device
Control Box (Optional) Integrated or Stand-Alone
Power (Voltage, Amp) 48VDC, 50A (Native arm power - ready for AMR's)
Power Supply (Optional) 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
I/O Power Supply 24V, 4A
Connection RJ45, CAN, EtherCat
Software ROS2 and MoveIt 2, Gazebo, Nvidia Isaac

* This product is in active development, all specifications are subject to change.