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Ally designs, makes and integrates simple
and smart robotic automation for people,
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There is a Labor Crisis

In the US across the construction, agriculture, restaurant and manufacturing industries, there is a labor crisis that will have a 1 trillion negative impact on the US economy.


Constructions job needed in 2023


Quick Serve Restaurants struggling to hire workers


Decline in agriculture jobs over the last 50 years


Manufacturing jobs unfilled by 2030

$1 trillion

US Economic Impact from Manufacturing Labor Shortage Alone

Cost must go down for robotics companies to fill the gaps

New technology companies are delivering the solution. But to meet the needs of businesses struggling to make ends meet, the cost of robots must go down to allow companies in low margin industries to invest in automation technology and increase their margins.


Quick service restaurants


Small farms


Small-scale manufacturing


Commercial construction

Our solution

Ally's differentiating technology makes our products extensible + affordable

No code

“No-code” programming option leveraging cutting edge AI and deep reinforcement learning.


Designed to manufacture at scale using low-cost materials from prototype to production.

Single hand-end effector

Single hand-end effector can accommodate the majority of human workflow automation.

Imitation learning

Behaviors and tasks can be trained by anyone through demonstration, similar to a human being.

Lower cost

Novel lower-cost robotic joints and actuators.

A New Era of Robotics

Increase productivity and streamline processes in any industry with our innovative technology:



Struggling to find workers and eager to relieve staff from repetitive tasks, quick serve restaurant chains are adding robots to their kitchens.



Early customer adoption of robots in the logistics industry is just the beginning, with many available applications.



In the early adoption stage, the construction industry poses significant opportunity for robotic arm use, especially as the industry is forecasted to grow.

Ally Robotics: Robotics for Anyone, Anywhere

Ally is making robotic arms affordable, lightweight, smart, and most importantly, easy to use.