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Spring Happenings & A Fantastic Ally Milestone

By Ally Robotics / April 25, 2024

Last month we put out an investor update and want to share the news on our website as well. Lots of things spinning at Ally. First, it’s exciting to share that Ally hit a significant milestone this week – we brought in revenue for the first time! The money came in for our current integration…

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Happy New Year, Welcome 2024!

By Ally Robotics / January 25, 2024

Happy New Year from everyone at Ally! Ally has been working hard on developing and building our automation and robotics integration services. We have customers in the pipeline and are excited at opportunities to help them be more efficient, be more operationally cost-effective, be safer and increase productivity, by utilizing automation and robotics in ways…

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Ally Custom Hardware

By Ally Robotics / January 25, 2024

While on our journey to create a rugged, long life and modular robotic arm that’s designed for everyday tasks and sporting an affordable MSRP, we needed to create several custom components. Take a look at our custom actuators, motor drivers and power distribution board.

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An Ally Update Plus New Services

By Ally Robotics / October 13, 2023

Ally Community, it’s been a minute since we’ve posted!  We’ve spent time the past handful of months developing our AI and the next iteration of our robotic arm as well as updating our business strategy. There have been some big challenges along the way, but Ally continues to push forward to help us deliver on…

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Introducing the Early Access Partnership Program

By Ally Robotics / April 17, 2023

Ally Robotics is thrilled to announce that we are now accepting applications for our early access partner program. We recognize that many robotics companies are in need of a robotic arm that is easily programmable, simple to use, and cost-affordable. Ally Robotics is solving that need.  We are inviting others to join us by applying…

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Industrial Automation Consultant

Introducing the Robot Revolution Podcast

By Ally Robotics / April 4, 2023

We’re entering an unparalleled labor shortage in this country. This shortage is being felt across numerous industries. The labor shortage is anywhere from 10 to 40 percent depending on the industry. The hospitality industry alone is grappling with 40 percent of its job openings going unfilled. Ally Robotics was born out of the need to…

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Ushering in the Golden Age of Robotics

By Ally Robotics / March 15, 2023

What comes to mind when you think of robots? Some people envision Rosie from The Jetsons. Others may think of Arnold Schwarzenegger from The Terminator, with his iconic leather jacket and sunglasses. Regardless of what image comes to mind, robots may still seem like a futuristic concept for many.  But the reality is that the…

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Ally Robotics, a TechCrunch Start-Up Battlefield Top 20 Company

By Jennifer Christensen / October 25, 2022

What a week! We spent most of last week down in San Francisco to attend TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 from October 18th-20th. Ally Robotics was part of the Start-Up Battlefield 200, and even more exciting, selected to be one of the Top 20 start-up companies attending the conference. As a part of the latter, we had…

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Robotics Perception

TechCrunch Here We Come

By Jennifer Christensen / October 4, 2022

We’re heading to San Francisco! Months ago, we applied to be admitted and have a booth at a coveted TechCrunch conference. We were selected! We will be attending TechCrunch Disrupt, in San Francisco, CA, from October 18-20th. We are honored to be a part of the Startup Battlefield 200, a selected group of innovative companies…

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Robotics Engineer Definition

Ally, Moving Fast and Robust, while Focusing on Design and Testing

By Ally Robotics / August 18, 2022

The beginning of the Ally journey. Ally moves fast! We officially started as a team, fully remote in January, with Covid still lingering. In February hiring was continuing and Ally landed an inspiring and fantastic workspace, and the team started to meet in person in early March. By the time we were in person, we…

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