Ally designs and builds robotic and automation solutions for manufacturing,
construction, logistics, restaurant and food service industries. Our difference:
We solve problems using simple, approachable technology. Our focus is on
making technology that enhances the holistic human experience.

If your team needs automation, robotics, software or engineering help, we offer
a number of services, including fixed bid or hire for time/materials solutions
as well as options to purchase our Ally Arm directly or work with us on a
subscription model to use an Ally Arm.

At Ally, we believe in providing products and services that simply "just work".

We believe that starts with listening to requirements, partnering closely along the development journey, designing in reliability, crafting robust maintenance and service plans, as well as creating products that "anyone can use".

Ally team members have been doing these types of projects for over 30 years with over 300 combined years of automation experience. We offer Customized and Manufactured solutions, and we can leverage our products and services or work with other companies' products - the choice is yours. At the end of the day, we want the best solution to work for your operation.

Robotics Perception

Custom Solutions

Autonomous Mobile Robot D&D
Controls Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Firmware Engineering
Machine Tending

Manufacturing Automation
Mechanical Engineering
Power Electronics D&D
Product Development
IoT Product Development
Rapid Prototyping

Reliability Engineering
Robotics Engineering
Robotic Software Development
Robotic System Integration
Test Automation

System Integration – Fixed Bid Project

Ally takes on some part or full scope of the project.

We operate with frequent check-ins and will develop a solution together - eg you're the primary stakeholder and directly involved in architecture and design reviews, scoping tradeoffs throughout the project etc. You choose your level of engagement from the highest level and deepest of the technical reviews, to a more hands-off approach.

At the end of the project, we'll partner on training and handover to your operations team. We care about empowering you and your team and to takeover automation support and have the ability to make iterative improvements. The Ally team would be a phone call away for help.

Augment Your Team - Work for Hire/Time and Materials

Ally will bring expertise when and how you need it to deliver on your project goals.

Allows for flexible models:

  • Ally can work as a floating group of people so as the project needs a specific skill set, the best expert can jump in and contribute (monthly type T&M NTE structure).
  • Or, you define what type of expertise you need and collaborate on what team member best fills that need - (bill by the hour structure).

Let’s start with a detailed requirements-gathering call to allow us to formulate a right fit plan and quote the project!

Manufactured Solutions

Direct Purchase of Ally Robotics Hardware

Directly purchase Ally hardware for ease of adaptability and lower cost of integration.

  • Our robotic arm is the most configurable arm you'll find on the market. DOF's, length of each link, torque speed and accuracy at each joint, mounting pose, structure geometry, skins, IP rating and compute are all configurable.
  • We’ll have a requirement gathering effort to tune the configuration to best suit your requirements.

Direct Purchase of Ally Robotics Software

Directly purchase Ally software to easily program Ally hardware products and other company automation hardware.

  • Fleet management systems to monitor your operation and keep your automation systems running.
  • With development and integration work we can make controls and automation simple to operate and manage.

Subscription Model for Ally Robotics Products

Pay as You Go - Access to Ally hardware as a monthly service

  • Typically for OPEX focused teams or mission critical tasks. If it breaks or needs replacing, we come and fix all for one monthly service fee.
  • Access to our software as a monthly service - gain access to new features and capability as they release.

Let’s start with a detailed requirements-gathering call to formulate how Ally’s product line can help you meet your automation needs.

Ally Robotics: Robotics for Anyone, Anywhere

At Ally, we strive to make our systems simple. Your operations and engineering teams will be able to directly program, train and adapt your systems with low lift as plant operational requirements change or improvements are implemented.

Contact Us so we can reach out to you to find your custom solution and start seeing the financial and operational results and benefits you expect from automation.