Ally, Moving Fast and Robust, while Focusing on Design and Testing

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The beginning of the Ally journey. Ally moves fast! We officially started as a team, fully remote in January, with Covid still lingering. In February hiring was continuing and Ally landed an inspiring and fantastic workspace, and the team started to meet in person in early March. By the time we were in person, we had two weeks to build up a basic prototype to be utilized in a video shoot. It was everything a first and basic prototype put together in two weeks should be – the start of Ally building robotic arms and although not perfect, still amazing! In that same two-week period, we had an industrial design model come together that was sleek, inspiring and sexy (watch our video and we think you’ll agree). 


Fast forward and 3 months later into June, we took our learnings from building a prototype in two weeks, to build up two new early prototypes, Ally Model V1 and Model V2, that encapsulate functional goals while maintaining design intentions. It was fun to see Ally’s vision continue to come to life with new early-prototypes and to start the first round of engineering validation testing, aka early-stage testing.

To recap our expeditious start, in a span of less than 6 months, Ally designed and built a simple working prototype for a video shoot and then proceeded to build and mount two new functional arms for test purposes.

This summer we’ve been testing a selection of arm components, self-imposed and current customer requirements and comparing specific test results with published standards. In addition to testing, we are continuing to advance and perfect our Ally arm designs and materials selection. Our team will continue to refine Ally arm models to meet new and existing customer needs and to meet our own high expectations and vision.

Note that we are currently looking for people who believe in our vision and want to help us continue to move fast, grow and help people with an Ally robotic arm. This is possible with funding. If you are interested in investing in Ally, please check out our fundraise website for more information: Introducing Ally Robotics – the new future of attainable robotics (

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