Happy New Year, Welcome 2024!

Can you guess the logo?

Happy New Year from everyone at Ally!

Ally has been working hard on developing and building our automation and robotics integration services. We have customers in the pipeline and are excited at opportunities to help them be more efficient, be more operationally cost-effective, be safer and increase productivity, by utilizing automation and robotics in ways that simply make sense for each operation. Whether or not a customer has already ventured into utilizing automation or never seen a robotic arm in person, Ally takes pride and enjoyment in helping solve operational challenges and empowering people to add additional automation or take the first leap into using it.

Our schedule on building our own Ally arm has intentionally slowed while working on product market fit and working on the next iteration of the arm. In the meantime, we are excited to have a new partnership with Doosan Robotics. We are happy to be working with them and use their arms in automation projects.

We are continuing to research and plan a software platform that could connect humans and robotics to be able to work together and get work done as a team. This platform will solve issues around interoperability, work and resource management, ease of use and workforce training for both humans and robots.

We’ve kicked off 2024 working on multiple opportunities and determined to grow and build Ally. We thank everyone who continues to support and follow Ally and we look forward to providing more details as we move through 2024. Click the icon at the bottom of the page and follow Ally Robotics on LinkedIn for additional updates!

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